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  HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneading Extruder
 A high speed rotor (segment) type twin screw kneader and a single screw extruder are combined to build an extruder of high delivery volume and low temperature extrusion of the latest design quite different from the conventional twin screw models.
Best suited for composite compounding such as rich-filled compounds, master batches, polymer alloys and GF filled polymers.

  1. High Kneading Efficiency
    The high speed rotor of banbury mixer type provides a high kneading efficiency to outperform the conventional corotating twin screw extruders. (Filler content can be more than 70%)
  2. Low Temperature Extrusion
    The material, after kneaded and degassed by vacuum, is extruded out by the single screw extruder unit. This prevents over-kneading and makes low temperature extrusion possible, at temperatures 10 to 20 C lower than that of the conventional twin screw equipment.
  3. High Extrusion Capacity
    A set of high speed rotors increase plasticating capacity and as a result the extrusion output.
  4. Excellent Operating Convenience
    The polymer retention time at the rotor section can be adjusted freely, therefore the kneading degrees can also be controlled freely.
  5. Adaptable for a Broad Range of Polymers
    Adoption of the screw of segmented construction makes it possible to freely change the type and number of mixing rotors, so that the equipment can be adaptable for the processing of a broad range of polymers.
  6. Side Feeding
    By the side feeding system, the fiber length of GF and CF can be controlled freely.
  7. Easy Cleaning and Color Exchanging
    Nearly no sticking of polymers on the mixing rotors and easy break up of parts make easy the color exchanging of polymers, overhauling and cleaning of equipment.
  8. Energy Conservation and Space Saving
    As the twin screw kneader and single screw extruder are built in alignment, the machine construction is made compact and the processing energy consumption per unit polymer volume is reduced.
  9. Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Steel Used
    The cylinder and screw are used as standard an abrasion and corrosion resistant steel which was specially developed by a steel maker and CTE.
These types of compounds are possible to make without difficulty.

  • PP or PE and magnesium hydroxide (50~70%)……non-halogen flame retardant usage
  • PP pellet + rubber + talc (1~2) 30% ……. automobile usage
  • Polycarbonate + glass fiber 30% ……. Injection usage
  • PP + talc (2~3) (talc 80%~ PP 20%) ……. automobile usage
  • Titanium and ABS (Titanium 70%~ABS 30%) ……. mater batch



HTM Tandem Compounding Twin Screw Extruder
for PVC and Specialty Compounds

This Tandem compounding twin screw extruder is developed from the features of HTM twin screw extruder.

 It is an efficient compounding extruder in which combines twin screw continuous kneading extruder with a single screw extruder.

It is a machine mainly for compounding PVC and high density filler (talc, CaCO3, wood powder, etc.)

HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneading Extruder
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HTM Tandem Compounding Twin Screw Extruder
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HTM Twin Screw Extruder Technical Information and Application
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