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  IPM Single Screw High Kneading Extruder
New Generation Kneading Machine Based on the New Concepts
Provides 3 to 5 times higher output than conventional single screw extruders.
Low temperature extrusion.
High output / High kneading.
Best suited to filler compounding, flame retardant compounding, coloring, and polymer blending.

With the barrel and screw of special design, the machine has realized high kneading performance and a high extruding output equal to those of twin-screw extruders.
  1. High extruding output for the screw speed.
  2. No sectional heat generation, uniform melting and kneading.
  3. Adaptable for high kneading operation and low temperature extruding.
  4. For these reasons, the screw speed can be made faster. The extruding output is 3 to 5 times more than that of the conventional extruders based on the Tadmor's model.
  5. The short polymer retention time and low temperature extrusion help reduce property degradation of polymers.
  6. Plasticating zone of barrel absorbs heat coming from the heater to improve energy efficiency, thus in turn improving energy saving effects.
  7. The barrel also has polymer thrusting functions and this improves efficiency of color changing of the polymer to shorten the color exchanging time and eliminate the burning of polymer.
  8. The polymer flow passage can be regulated by relocating the screw position during operation and accordingly the filling rate of the mixing section can be altered, so that one screw may be adaptable for processing of many different polymers.
  9. For the barrel and screw is adopted as part of standard specifications a wear and corrosion resistant steel that has been developed specially by CTE with the cooperation of a steel maker.


Construction of IPM Extruder
  • Mixing mechanism is provided on the barrel side as well as on the screw. Displacement of polymer between the screw and barrel has obtained kneading performance equal to that of twin screw extruders.
  • Barrel grooves are shallow and have smooth surface to have no polymer remaining. It is also easy to brush inner wall of grooves.
IPM Single Screw High Kneading Extruder
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