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  Sheet Extrusion Line (Standard Type / Steel Belt Type)
  Sheet Extrusion Line by Steel Belt System
This is an epoch-making high performance sheet extrusion line, that is, the sheet is press-formed in between the main roll and the sheet belt. Sheet thickness is 0.1mm up and sheet surfaces can be glossy finished at an extrusion speed twice as fast as a conventional machine, yet with a high degree of precision. Applicable for high clarity PP sheet and ABS, PC, PET and PMMA sheets as well.



Sheet Extrusion Line by Steel Belt System

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  Sheet Extrusion Line
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  Sheet Extrusion Line by Vertical 3-Roll Unit
The sheet extrusion line by vertical 3-roll unit is the best for thick gauge general purpose sheet manufacturing. By passing through the three cooling rolls, the sheet is evenly, cooled to obtain high quality products. Applicable for structural foam sheets of olefin plastics and a broad range of plastics sheets.

  Sheet Extrusion Line by Horizontal 3-Roll Unit
Capable of high speed extrusion of PP and PS general purpose sheets. Thin gauge sheets are made easy by using an air knife (optional). By replacing the extruder unit with our HTM twin screw extruder, this can be ready for direct manufacturing of undried A-PET, and filled PP sheets.

T-Die (Single or Multilayer)
The melt viscosity of a resin is computer-analyzed and adopted for designing to assure an ideal and high precision T-die.
Gear Pump
The gear pump not only increases the extrusion accuracy and produces high precision sheets, but also by reducing the resin pressure at screw tip and lowering the resin temperature it produces sheets of less property degradation.
Air Knife
With the lip shape of our unique design, high speed production of thin gauge sheet is possible. Sheet surfaces are good and the machine is best suited to the extrusion of thermoforming sheets of commodity plastics.
The feedblock, essential for the manufacture of multilayer sheets, is readily available for layer alteration by simply exchanging the plug. Easy to operate and ready for efficient production of high precision multilayer sheets.
A wide selection including a fully automatic double shaft turret winder and a low-cost manual switch double shaft winder to meet demands of individual users.