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  CTE Hot Cut System


CTE Provides a New Generation Hot Cut System Based on New Concepts

This hot cut system makes three roles possible in one device: hot cut, water ring, and mist cut.

The General Device Concepts for Hot Cut, Mist Cut, Water Ring

This is a vertical device, with movable stand as its base format.

  • The hot cutter unit separates from the extruder / The die and the inside of the cutter hood can be easily cleaned.
    By moving the main unit of the hot cut equipment on the slide rail or casters, it can be easily separated from the extruder and the inside of the die can be easily cleaned. The inside of the cutter hood can also be easily cleaned by retracting the cutter hood and motor.
  • Changeable Pellet Cut Length
    By changing the motor speed, the cut length of the pellets can be changed.
  • Changeable Number of Cutter blades / Settable Cutting Speed Suited to the Pellet Properties
    Cutter blades can be selected from 2 or 4 blades and, combined with the motor speed, can set a cutting speed suitable to the pellet properties.
  • Supports Various Fluid Discharge
    By changing the fluid supplied to the hood, the equipment can easily change between hot cut (air-cooled), water ring (watercooled), and mist cut (mist-cooled).


  • When Used as Hot Cut (Air-cooled) Equipment (figure 2)
    Select the air-cooled hot cut equipment with resins averse to the adhesion of moisture. The flow of supplied air ejects cut pellets out the hood chute while cooling them. Ejected pellets are transported air-cooled to the designated location by the pneumatic conveyance equipment.
  • When Used as Mist Cut (Mist-cooled) Equipment (figure 2)
    Select the mist cut method when pellets do not require as much cooling as the water ring, but they do require a certain level of rapid cooling. The water and air supplied to the hood turn into mist, pellets in the hood are cooled as they are transported to the outlet. Ejected pellets are transported to the designated location by the pneumatic conveyance equipment.

  • When Used as Water Ring (Water-cooled) Equipment (figure 3)
    Select the water ring when pellets of a resin that easily resists water require rapid cooling after being cut. Since the system uses a comparatively large amount of water with a centrifugal dryer, the water in the dryer is circulated back to the hood by an electric pump. Dried pellets are ejected from the dryer outlet.