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  Protection of Personal Privacy Information
In our company, all information related to the customers and companies conduct business with us, which includes any personal information, is necessary to handle under the Protection of Personal Information and personal respect (privacy protection) properly and carefully. Not only follow the laws accordingly but also recognize the basic of an individual right and privacy, we swear the following matters.
  • The laws concerning protection of personal information, also guidelines of the economic industrial field in these laws, other applicable laws and regulations, etc. are observed, and it takes care of appropriately in accordance with the habitual practice concerning the handling of individual information admitted fair appropriate in general.
  • The rule concerning the handling of individual information is clarified, and it is been known by the employee. Moreover, we would request that individual information is appropriately handled for the customers.
  • After the preservation period passes or after the purpose of use is achieved, individual information is deleted, except when it is admitted to assume the one to provide the preservation period within the range necessary for the purpose of use as a rule, and to treat exceptionally by ordinance when individual information is handled.
  • Necessary measures are considered to prevent the leaking of private information, the loss, and the falsification, etc. and appropriate management is done.
  • The request of indication of personal information in publication, the correction, the deletion, and the suspension is received from the person through contact window, would be corresponds with sincerity.